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Cat Sitting


Cat sitting, a purrfect alternative to catteries.

Cats are creatures of habit and like their own familiar surroundings and the comfort of their own home.  The cat sitting service offered is to visit your cat/s at your home on a daily basis (once, twice or more if needed) for 30 minutes each visit to ensure your cat is cared for.

(per day)
(per day)
1 x 30 minutes daily visit  (upto 2 cats)      £8.50  £17.00 
2 x 30 minutes daily visits (upto 2 cats)

Additional cat £4.00 per cat, per day. 

Visits over 3 mile of Walkies base (B23) will incur an additional £1.00 per mile, per visit.

The service includes cleaning bowls, providing fresh food (supplied by owner), water, changing litter trays, grooming, administering oral medication if necessary along with lots of fuss and cuddles and giving your cat/s play and attention.  Walkies Birmingham will also give oral medication to cats on medication at no additional cost.

This is a great alternative to catteries if away on business or on holiday.

Also take a look at “Home Security” as a great optional extra to ensure your house as well as your pet is safe whilst on holiday if booking at least 2 visits per day.

We DO NOT offer a cat boarding service.

For more information please see our pet care agreement and full terms and conditions.

cat sitting in sutton coldfield

cat sitting in sutton coldfield