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Sep 112018

Cheral of Walkies Birmingham has been my family’s dog walker since June 2011.  From the very first contact Cheral has always been professional, highly competent and very considerate.

My Murphy – a 14 year old black labrador, who is adored by the whole family, loves Cheral even now when he can’t hear her or run around, his tail wags madly as he wakes from Cheral gently stroking him.  Cheral has always put Murphy’s needs first including recommending reducing his walks because as an old boy he struggles with long walks.

We couldn’t manage without Cheral.

Mrs M. Cook (nee Daly), Erdington (updated 28.8.2018)

Sep 112018

Cheral of Walkies Birmingham first started walking my dog in March 2009.  All 4 of my dogs are now walked by Cheral and they all adore her.  I feel my dogs are very safe when in Cheral’s care.  Cheral also takes on board any commands specific to my dogs and any behaviours that I need to remain consistent when in her care.

Cheral is very adaptable and flexible as in the case when Marley had surgery and couldn’t go on walks so Cheral had him on the lead to toilet in the garden and then slowly together we increased the timings on walks as he recovered.

Cheral will play with my dogs in the garden if it is too hot to walk them in the summer, letting them paddle.

Importantly Cheral takes them different places to ensure maximum enrichment on walks.

Ms L. Dugdale, Erdington (updated 20.8.2018)

Sep 112018

We’ve been using Walkies Birmingham (Cheral) since our dog, Santi was a puppy – nearly 4 years now.  We are so fortunate to have a dog walker who we know loves our dog and all her quirks!

Walkies Birmingham have been so reliable even when the weather has been terrible.

We love reading Santi’s ‘report card’ when we get home from work and many a time the comments have made us laugh after a long day.

The most reassuring thing has got to be when we’re home when Cheral arrives and Santi’s tail wagging is like a duracell bunny – she loves Cheral and can’t wait to see her! So glad we found Walkies Birmingham!

Mrs Della Croce, Boldmere (update 22.8.2018)


Nov 222017

Cheral provides a professional service.  When I get home my dog always seems calm and content.  I have full confidence in the care and safety of my dog whilst in the care of Cheral.

Ms. L. Harrison, Erdington

Oct 152017

Cheral is very professional and loves animals.  Both of my cats are very shy but they soon came around and welcomed Cheral.  We are very impressed with the service and care provided and would recommend Walkies Birmingham to anybody who loves their animals, they are in safe hands with Cheral.


Miss Ryan, Wylde Green

Jan 052015

We’ve been so impressed by Walkies Birmingham right from the start.  At the initial consultation Cheral asked lots of questions so she got to know Santi and her likes/dislikes.  We look forward to reading the funny comments about what Santi has got up to on her walk each day.  We know Santi really enjoys her walks and seeing Cheral.  If we’re ever home when Cheral takes Santi out, Santi cries when Cheral leaves which shows us how much Santi loves her walks.  Would definitely recommend the service.

Mrs Della-Croce, Boldmere

Nov 242013

My 2 dogs get extremely excited when Cheral arrives to walk them, then return contented and ready for a nap afterwards. In the 12 months we’ve been using Walkies Birmingham the dogs have grown to love her and it’s obvious that she thinks a lot of them too. The dogs miss her when she is on holiday or on the days she doesn’t walk them. Being disabled, I find the extra touches such as replenishing their water bowl, drying them off with a towel etc., very helpful. It’s more than just a service, it’s care, professionalism, ethics, compassion and peace of mind. Well done Cheral, I think you have the mix/package just right!

Mrs Lucas, Banners Gate

Nov 242013

Both my cats are very shy but they came round to Cheral and made a friend of her. They are both getting on a bit and stuck in their ways, which is also a problem as they don’t get on. However, this was no problem for Cheral, she looked after them so well and I was so impressed with the service. I will be using Walkies Birmingham again for every holiday in the future. It put my mind at rest that my cats were in such safe, kind hands.

Mrs Donnelly, Witton

Apr 182012

Cheral looked after our two pedigree cats Joe and Sapphire whilst on honeymoon.  Cheral gave us confidence that they would be looked after well whilst we were away and when we got back they were quite upset that she wasn’t continuing to visit everyday.  Cheral left a comprehensive diary of her visits and we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Walkies Birmingham for a friendly, approachable, reliable and worry free service.

Mr & Mrs Honick, Boldmere

Apr 182012

Walkies Birmingham provided a fantastic, professional service.  When my cat seemed ill, Cheral went above and beyond what a business normally would do to look after him and to keep me informed of how he was – very kind and reassuring when you’re away.  The care Cheral gave to my cat was brilliant, and all the extra home care services also help to give a real peace of mind when you are away.  I will definitely be using Walkies Birmingham in the future.

Ms. Barker, Erdington