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Nov 222017

Cheral provides a professional service.  When I get home my dog always seems calm and content.  I have full confidence in the care and safety of my dog whilst in the care of Cheral.

Ms. L. Harrison, Erdington

Jan 052015

We’ve been so impressed by Walkies Birmingham right from the start.  At the initial consultation Cheral asked lots of questions so she got to know Santi and her likes/dislikes.  We look forward to reading the funny comments about what Santi has got up to on her walk each day.  We know Santi really enjoys her walks and seeing Cheral.  If we’re ever home when Cheral takes Santi out, Santi cries when Cheral leaves which shows us how much Santi loves her walks.  Would definitely recommend the service.

Mrs Della-Croce, Boldmere

Nov 242013

My 2 dogs get extremely excited when Cheral arrives to walk them, then return contented and ready for a nap afterwards. In the 12 months we’ve been using Walkies Birmingham the dogs have grown to love her and it’s obvious that she thinks a lot of them too. The dogs miss her when she is on holiday or on the days she doesn’t walk them. Being disabled, I find the extra touches such as replenishing their water bowl, drying them off with a towel etc., very helpful. It’s more than just a service, it’s care, professionalism, ethics, compassion and peace of mind. Well done Cheral, I think you have the mix/package just right!

Mrs Lucas, Banners Gate

Apr 182012

“Words cannot describe how excellent the service is.  Walkies Birmingham has changed my life.  Cheral has become part of the family and my 3 dogs love her.  The service provided is extremely professional and yet personal.  All I need to see is wagging tails to know it works.  I trust Cheral explicitly and I go to work happy that my dogs will be well looked after and my house is safe”.

Ms Cox, Streetly

Apr 182012

“The initial assessment meeting was very professional and we found Cheral easy to talk to.  She listened to all of our requirements, and then fit in all our needs around a timetable that worked for all of us.”

“I am extremely happy with the service.  I love the pet log that is left at the end of a day”.

“Professional, reliable service, with an obvious love for animals.  Cheral’s past managerial employment shines through in the way that she runs the service.  Most importantly Casper has quickly settled into his new routine with an obvious love for Cheral.  It’s a pleasure to come home to a contented dog at the end of our working day.  We would recommend this service to everyone”.

Miss Soobroy, Walmley

Apr 182012

“The reason I contacted Walkies Birmingham over any other pet care service was the testimonials on the website.  The fact that there was info. about Cheral online and her experience with animals and business management.”

“Cheral is professional, caring and trustworthy.  Marley adores her and at Cheral’s scheduled time he stands in the window waiting for her at weekends even though she only comes Monday to Friday.  Cheral gives us feedback on her daily walks with Marley and we love looking forward to finding out what they’ve been up to – it brings Marley’s day to life rather than him sitting there all day on his own”.

Ms. Dugdale, Erdington

Apr 182012

“During the initial assessment Cheral was professional, friendly and approachable.  I felt at ease and confident with my choice.  Cheral was clear with her policies and procedures so I had all the information I needed which gave me a clearer picture of her services.”

“Cheral from the start has supported us with looking after our dog Roxie.  We adopted her from a rescue home and she is our first dog.  Cheral has given us advice along the way and helped with looking after Roxie at very last minute requests.  Roxie was unsure of Cheral at first but it only took a couple of visits to reassure her.  Cheral visits Roxie 4 times a week to give her a midday walk – she always ensures Roxie has an enjoyable time and varies the places she takes her.  I have no doubt that Roxie looks forward to her visits while we are at work.  Cheral has also helped us out when we were away for a night – visiting Roxie late in the evening and also early the next morning.  We would recommend this service to anyone that loves their pet and only wants the best for them!”

Miss Green, Wylde Green  

Apr 182012

“I found my initial contact with Walkies Birmingham to be very professional, it was obvious Cheral is taking this service seriously”. 

“I liked Cheral straight away and so did the dogs.  She knew not to ‘push’ them too far at first”. 

“The service received has been very good.  Cheral has been reliable and the dogs have got to like her too – my husband saw her in action last week with the dogs and said they greeted her with enthusiasm”.

“Cheral has been totally reliable over the time I have used her service.  My husband saw her in action with the dogs and said the dogs really like her, and they can be very reserved.  She has obviously spent time and effort in gaining their trust”.

Mrs Sanders, Four Oaks

Apr 182012

“I was very happy and satisfied with my telephone contact and meeting with Walkies Birmingham.  I felt that everything was explained well and was straightforward and honest”.

“I am no longer able to get out to walk my dog and Cheral walks him 3 days a week.  I am very satisfied and grateful for what she does and would definitely recommend Walkies Birmingham to others”.

Miss Howard, Kingstanding

Apr 182012

“I thought the Walkies Birmingham website was well-organised and had just enough info. without being too complex.  I was reassured by the info. provided and thought the rates were reasonable”.

“My initial contact with Walkies Birmingham was via telephone and my call was answered straight away”. 

“I was very reassured at the meeting and the assessment was very thorough”.

“The service has been excellent – I am very pleased with the feedback, the consistency and the efficiency”.

“A highly efficient service, Walkies Birmingham provides feedback on daily walks, maintains consistency in the times for walks and the walker is not only popular with my dogs, but clearly understands animals and shows genuine affection for them.  I would recommend this service to any-one”.

Mrs Prole, Wylde Green