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Sep 112018

Cheral of Walkies Birmingham first started walking my dog in March 2009.  All 4 of my dogs are now walked by Cheral and they all adore her.  I feel my dogs are very safe when in Cheral’s care.  Cheral also takes on board any commands specific to my dogs and any behaviours that I need to remain consistent when in her care.

Cheral is very adaptable and flexible as in the case when Marley had surgery and couldn’t go on walks so Cheral had him on the lead to toilet in the garden and then slowly together we increased the timings on walks as he recovered.

Cheral will play with my dogs in the garden if it is too hot to walk them in the summer, letting them paddle.

Importantly Cheral takes them different places to ensure maximum enrichment on walks.

Ms L. Dugdale, Erdington (updated 20.8.2018)