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Apr 182012

“During the initial assessment Cheral was professional, friendly and approachable.  I felt at ease and confident with my choice.  Cheral was clear with her policies and procedures so I had all the information I needed which gave me a clearer picture of her services.”

“Cheral from the start has supported us with looking after our dog Roxie.  We adopted her from a rescue home and she is our first dog.  Cheral has given us advice along the way and helped with looking after Roxie at very last minute requests.  Roxie was unsure of Cheral at first but it only took a couple of visits to reassure her.  Cheral visits Roxie 4 times a week to give her a midday walk – she always ensures Roxie has an enjoyable time and varies the places she takes her.  I have no doubt that Roxie looks forward to her visits while we are at work.  Cheral has also helped us out when we were away for a night – visiting Roxie late in the evening and also early the next morning.  We would recommend this service to anyone that loves their pet and only wants the best for them!”

Miss Green, Wylde Green